Stop Smoking Once And For All To Avoid The Dangers

Smoking has been a popular pastime in the United States ever since the colonial period. With the introduction of tobacco, smoking became firmly engrained into society. It wasn’t until the nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties that health experts finally began to assert what people had long suspected: smoking is extremely dangerous to your health.

Regardless of warnings, it has taken the past several decades for people to finally get the message that they need to stop smoking. Why is it necessary to quit, and why are people in denial? The answers could save your life.

A Dangerous Habit

It is important that smokers stop smoking because it is extremely hazardous for health. There are so many consequences associated with smoking, that it is a wonder that smokers don’t stop immediately! Some consequences are long term, while others are short term. Some consequences are vanity-related, while others are health related. Whatever the consequences may be, they should be enough to make people stop smoking.

In the short term, smoking can lead to many problems. Smokers tend to have bad breath, stained teeth, and their clothes and hair smell like smoke. These reasons are vanity-related. However, other short term consequences include: lower athletic ability, cough and sore throat, the cost of smoking, faster heart beat, raised blood pressure, and increasing the risk of second hand smoke for the people around you.

Long term, the consequences are much more detrimental. They can even be fatal, and have been for many people. The toxic chemicals found in cigarettes can lead to many types of cancer, including lung cancer. Additionally, smoking cigarettes can lead to severe breathing problems, a risk for heart disease, wrinkles, increased risk for stomach ulcers and acid reflux disease, and a risk for gum disease. Many people have died because they did not stop smoking, either directly or indirectly.

Quit For Those Around You

If you won’t stop smoking for yourself, then stop for those around you. Second hand smoke is just as dangerous, if not more, than first hand smoke. Additionally, smokers set bad examples for their children. Pregnant women who smoke put their unborn child at risk. The consequences involved if you do not stop smoking do not only affect you, but the people around you as well.

Breaking The Habit

People who do not stop smoking increase their chances of an early death-and that’s a fact. Whether you stop for yourself, or for someone you love, the important thing is that you give up the habit for life.

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