Know The Truth About The Barack Obama Quitting Smoking Issue

From the point of the presidential campaign, there has been the buzz about Barack Obama quitting smoking. He has been said to have promised to cease with this habit to his wife Michelle Obama as he pursues the highest seat in the country. After winning the presidential seat, he is still controversially asked about kicking the habit.

After he has had his first medical examination at the Navy hospital by the outskirts of Washington, his doctors have given him a bill of good health. He is said to be in great shape and is practically in the peak of health. On the other hand, these same doctors have persuaded the president to try and stop smoking regardless of the fact. Smoking is highly addictive and can impose a number of serious health threats to an individual. The simple explanation for the attempt to convince the president is that these physicians are only looking after his best interest just as any doctor would recommend to other patients. After all, the last thing that the head of the country needs is to fall ill during his term.

It is a fact that many reporters have released reports about Barack Obama quitting smoking. He has been said to constantly try to avoid the issue when he is asked during press conferences and other opportunities where the media is present. To this day, he admits that he is not yet successful in his goal. He is trying several methods that may help him in his quest to finally stop his use of tobacco products. One of which is the prescription of nicotine replacement. This will help give him better control over the pangs and yearnings for a smoke any time of the day. While this prescription is not meant to work alone, the president is also trying his best to be diligent about it.

On a lighter note, the president's health is quite remarkable. He is not scheduled to have another medical visit to the doctor until 2012. Some guidelines were given to him such as the usual screenings and laboratory examinations to ensure his well-being. These would also include some minor dietary changes to help enforce better health.

One of the admirable traits about the president is that he constantly plays basketball in the White House. As he engages himself to a healthy exercise and a good way to release his stress, it would not be long before he can finally put an end to the Barack Obama quitting smoking issue. Know that he is trying his best to achieve this goal. Recently a small online organization has been formed to aim to quit smoking. In a nutshell, it promotes quitting along with the president. This is open to people from all over the country who would like to save what is left of their lungs and to give themselves a better chance at living life to the fullest. This online campaign is a simple way to turn what seems to be a highly controversial issue in to something that is productive and inspiring.

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