Buy The Highest Quality E-Cigarette For A Satisfying Smoking Experience

Consumer had been interested in the most popular e-cigarette since the first versions appeared in the marketplace in 2003. Most tobacco smokers who tried those first products were not overly impressed with the vapor or the quality. Made of cheap plastic, early e-cigarette versions had batteries that did not hold a charge well.

Technological advances have led to innovative designs and to batteries that are light weight and reliable. The best e-cigarette is no longer a gimmick but a realistic tobacco alternative that provides an alternative not previously available to the smoking public.

Big tobacco and big pharma have spent years spreading myths and lies about e-cigarettes in an attempt to halt the expansion of this very real competitor. Electronic cigarette providers recently formed a trade association to counter misinformation and educate the public about the best e-cigarette (s) such as Green Smoke.

There is no need to buy unregulated and untested e-cigarettes from China. Green Smoke is made in the U.S.A. and produced with ongoing independent testing for quality to guarantee a safe and reliable product. Since it's introduction to consumers, Green Smoke has been a best selling brand.

A feature of Green Smoke is the really high vapor produced. There is no concern that the dose of nicotine might be too low to satisfy or far too strong for comfort when choosing Green Smoke. The dense vapor releases a carefully measured dose of nicotine with each puff.

Green Smoke is the easiest e-cigarette to use. There is no need to take part or put together small pieces in order to refill this e-cigarette. The innovative two-part design features disposable cartridges pre-filled with nicotine-flavor solution. Consumers use guidelines provided by Green Smoke to choose a level of nicotine that suits there personal smoking habits.

Tobacco doesn't taste good but the acquired taste is one that smokers identify with the satisfaction received from a hit of nicotine. Flavor is important to e-smokers who choose regular and menthol as their most desired flavors when they order a Green Smoke starter kit. For the daring or for variety, there are other flavors also available.

A new atomizer (mouthpiece) is added each time you change to a new cartridge when you choose Green Smoke. There is no tiny sponge to be re-saturated and no chance of bacteria building in an old mouthpiece. A new cartridge color coded for flavor can be added by simply unscrewing the old and screwing on the new cartridge.

Green Smoke has exploded as the most popular electronic cigarette on the market today due to the safe production standards and the trust this produces for consumers. The popularity of e-cigarettes continues to grow rapidly as the hazard of smoking tobacco are a clear and present danger to every smoker. Recent tobacco tax increases and price increases at the wholesale level have only increase the interest and demand for electronic cigarette alternatives to harmful tobacco.

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