Four Stop Smoking Aids to Help You Quit

When you have made the decision to stop smoking, you are about to attempt kicking the habit of one of the strongest addictions on the planet. Nicotine addiction is considered to be on par with that associated with drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Using a stop smoking aid can be just the thing needed to help you stop smoking cigarettes and become smoke free while improving your health.

#1 Stop Smoking Aid - Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

Nicotine replacement therapies (NRT's) are a very popular method to stop smoking. They help you wean yourself off of nicotine through slowing reducing the amount of the drug that you ingest daily. They have an added benefit of not having the additives that cigarettes do while providing your body with the chemicals needed to help your smoking cessation efforts progress slowly. NRT's are not cheap stop smoking aids, however, they generally run equal to or less than the cost of an equivalent amount of cigarettes whether you choose gum, mints, or the patch for your NRT of choice. You do need to heed the warnings included with the NRT that you choose since the combination of multiple NRT's can be harmful to your health.

#2 Stop Smoking Aid - Stop Smoking Laser Treatment

The stop smoking laser treatment combines the knowledge of acupressure with modern technology. The laser treatment stimulates pre-known points on your body in order to stimulate endorphins through the use of a pulsating laser. The treatment helps reduce your desire to smoke while also stimulating its metabolism in order to reduce the amount of weight gain you will see when kicking the habit. When combined with other self-help methods, the stop smoking laser treatment has proven to be highly effective. The stop smoking laser treatment is still relatively new, so you may find yourself having to travel to another state (or another country if you live abroad) to seek out the treatment.

#3 Stop Smoking Aid - Stop Smoking by Using Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has become a popular stop smoking aid in alternative medicine circles. It takes repeated treatments to help you quit, but avoids the use of other drugs and chemicals. The method makes use of acupuncture to help stimulate the amount of endorphin production in your body. This helps reduce the withdrawal effects of cutting off the nicotine supply to your body and reduces the overall stress level associated with quitting cigarettes.
#4 Stop Smoking Aid - Taking Stop Smoking Pills

Perhaps the most popular stop smoking aids, stop smoking pills have been around for a long time. They are intended to increase the supply of dopamine and epinephrine in your body so that you do not suffer as bad of withdrawal symptoms from the elimination of nicotine as you normally would. The stop smoking pill is designed to be absorbed rapidly by your body so that an immediate effect is achieved. Similar to other stop smoking aids, the stop smoking pill is most effective when combined with smoking cessation behavioral modification classes.

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Useful Tools That Will Help You Give Up Smoking

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Giving up smoking gradually. Quitting cold turkey is unquestionably not advised. As a result, you happen to be almost guaranteed to fail. Because nicotine is so addictive, it's preferable to use therapy, nicotine replacement products, medications, or a variety of these approaches. These will assist you to through those initial withdrawal stages, that ought to make quitting smoking easier.

Once you've made a decision to stop smoking, get a support group. There is certainly much strength and reassurance in a team of like-minded folks who are pushing towards same goal and dealing with the same challenges. These folks can offer support, guidance, and great guidelines to help you quit. Contact neighborhood organizations including community colleges, recreational centers and religious organizations to inquire about support groups for ex-smokers.

Consider going to a hypnotist for assistance in kicking the habit of smoking. If you opt to try hypnosis, schedule an appointment with an authorized hypnotist. The hypnotist will provide you with positive reinforcement when you are in a deep trance. This hypnosis will tell the human brain that smoking is not really appealing, assisting you steer clear of the urge to smoke.

Allow the people around you are aware that you will be quitting the nicotine habit. Once you entrust the folks near you with this information, they are able to do things to assist you to stay motivated whilst keeping temptation away. They could give you any additional nudge that you need to maintain you focused entirely on your goals.

As you work with quitting, steer clear of the things that you mentally link with smoking. In the event you often smoked in your car, then create a new driving habit like hearing a magazine on tape or setting up a motivational driving playlist. This will help to take out the associations these habits have with smoking. Seek out constructive activities and distractions, to occupy your brain during those periods.

To avoid experiencing cravings related to nicotine, search for healthier methods on how you can approach stress. You might exercise once per day, find new hobbies or perhaps get massages. Identify actions to take in case you have unexpected downtime. Read an engrossing book or call a buddy as an example.

Altert others in your choice to stop cigarettes. These are there for you personally and they can help remind you that you need to quit. It's difficult to quit with no support system. This kind of system can greatly increase your likelihood of success.

Thinking in a positive way and being motivated are key parts in stop smoking. Visualize the improvements you'll experience of your quality of life once you're a non-smoker. Turn your focus for your cleaner breath, cleaner teeth, and a fresher smelling home. There are numerous top reasons to quit smoking - what are yours?

Making the choice to giving up smoking might be the hardest thing you will ever do. It can do not should be unattainable, however. You should be patient, determined and powerful willed. Getting the right tools and information at hand will even help you on your journey. By utilizing the tips in the article you only read, you will get no more smoking in your own life in no time.

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How Can I Help Someone to Stop Smoking Once And For All?

If you know a smoker, there is plenty of cause for concern when it comes to their health and well being. Smoking, as you may know, is the number one cause of deaths form lung cancer in this country. Not only lung cancer, but many other forms of cancer are directly attributable to smoking, as well as many other diseases. You probably know someone who smokes and would like to know how to help them stop smoking.

Motivate them.

A lot of people don't know about all of the awful things which smoking can do to them. To help someone to stop smoking, you need to motivate them to do so - you need to make them want to quit. Think about what will motivate them - are they a health nut, aside form this bad habit? Do they have children they'd like to see grow into adulthood?

Perhaps you can reason with them about the ravages to the body brought on by smoking. One effective technique is to show them pictures of black lungs and other damaged organs; this has helped many a smoker stop smoking. However, don't show them these pictures right after dinner - they might be nauseated by them!

Give them your support.

Sometimes all you need to do to help someone to stop smoking is just give them your support. Perhaps they are afraid that they'll miss their old haunts too much - go out to other places with them. Do they think their friends won't come over if their home is non-smoking? Talk to your social circle and get everyone on the same page.

Another way to help someone to stop smoking is giving them quit smoking aids like patches, gum, lozenges and so on. Look into these aids so that you can tell them all about their use and assure your soon to be ex-smoker that they are safe and effective. Giving them this support and assistance by showing them that these products can help them quit; you make it more likely that they will kick the habit for good.

How to really help someone to stop smoking.

Your encouragement is perhaps the best thing you can do to help someone stop smoking. This is especially true if they have tried to stop smoking in the past and failed; they should be told that this is perfectly alright, not everyone gets there on the first attempt. If you give them your support and encouragement, you can help your certain someone stop smoking for good!

Micheal Paulston blogs about Quiting Smoking for the Get Local Help Community. See much more of his information at the Just Quit It Blog.

Help Me Stop Smoking – The Mind Battle to Quit Smoking

I looked for inspiration to help me stop smoking for years. Have you ever felt that you were a special case, it was much more difficult for you to give up smoking than anyone else? Other people could survive for a couple of days without a smoke then relapse, I honestly thought I couldn’t get even that far.

I literally built up to my quit for years, it sounds pathetic but I never even had the nerve to try and quit smoking yet I though about it all the time. I was the master of excuses, how many of these have you used ?

I’ll just wait until after my holidays, so I don’t spoil the break
I’ll just wait until I’ve got over this stressful situation at work and then I’ll quit
I’ll just wait until the winter is over so I can get out and about more and then I’ll quit
I’ll just take a few days/months/years to get in the right frame of mind and then…

Well you get the picture, I was great at excuses but that didn’t actually help me stop smoking. I always thought I was more addicted than anyone else, my life was more focussed on smoking so it would be harder for me to quit than anyone else ! I suspect we all think like that but I honestly thought I’d never quit and my 20 years would turn into 40 years of smoking if I survived that long.

Although in the end I just quit, first time, no relapse, no great problems and I didn’t modify my lifestyle one jot. I still went outside with the smokers at break times, I still sat in the pub with my smoking friends and it didn’t bother me.

The battle to give up smoking is in the mind

I truly 100% believe this, if you can win the battle of smoking in your mind, quitting will be easy. Here’s the deal, smokers think that cigarettes bring pleasure to your life, you enjoy a cigarette with a drink, with your coffee and it helps you relax and cope with life.

Do you know what it’s true!

Smoking does make life easier
A cigarette with that coffee does make it more enjoyable
Having a smoke on your holidays did improve your mood
You are more relaxed when you have just had a cigarette
It’s all true ! But and it’s a biggie, the reason why a cigarette makes a feeling or and an experience better is because every minute of the day that you are not smoking your body is suffering the effects of nicotine withdrawal. The minute you finish that last puff then your nicotine levels are falling and so your craving is increasing. The withdrawals symptoms are those horrible empty feelings you have as if there’s something missing and what’s missing is nicotine, go on have a cigarette it will make you feel better !

However unless you keep smoking forever each cigarette restarts the cycle, every single feeling and experience in your life will be slightly worse when you are not smoking because it is tinged with withdrawal symptoms. That is why smoking gets the credit for good and happy times for smokers because those are the only times when they don’t have to suffer the nicotine withdrawals.

Realising there was no pleasure was the key to help me stop smoking. Next time you smoke a cigarette try and think about the bits you enjoy, is it the taste or the inhaling the smoke, perhaps that lovely smell? Also do one thing for me next time you see another person light up a cigarette look carefully at their faces, do they look as though they are enjoying it or is it the first great drag to calm them down then the rest just smoked out of habit ? Is that a look of pleasure on their face or a look of need as they calm their body down with a burst of nicotine – you decide.

If you win the battle of the mind you can give up easily I promise you. There is absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t stop smoking today. Here’s some of my thoughts on stress and smoking if you’d like to read them – Smoking stress

Hope they help and good luck!


Help To Stay Sober By Quitting Smoking

Studies have shown that people who are addicted to alcohol are also highly likely to smoke cigarettes. A report in the June 2008 issue of the Harvard Mental Health Letter showed that experts tended to believe that it's imperative to counsel alcohol-dependent individuals to quit smoking as well as drinking not only to improve their health, but also to increase their chances of staying sober.

It is a widespread fear that attempting to quit smoking and drinking simultaneously will undermine treatment for alcohol dependence.

Nevertheless, most studies have found that efforts to stop smoking either have zero impact on sustaining sobriety or in reality increase the chances for success of alcohol treatment.

There are no smoking cessation guidelines specifically for alcohol-dependent adults. For now, the best option is to follow the federal guidelines for treating tobacco dependence, which recommend a combination of counseling and medication.

A major and still unresolved question is whether it's better to give up smoking and drinking together, or whether it's better to tackle one addiction at a time.

One study found that when smoking cessation support was postponed by six months, participants were increasingly likely to stay sober compared with those who received simultaneous treatment for both addictions. However, a follow-up examination found that this may have been accurate only for white people in the study.

Editor in chief of the Harvard Mental Health Letter, Dr. Michael Miller, remarks that no particular approach is best for every person struggling with both alcohol and nicotine addiction. It's a net health gain whether an individual quits smoking during alcohol treatment or later.

Find out how to Stop Abusing Alcohol Written by Ed Philips and Quit Alcohol Now.

How Stop Smoking Patches Could Help You Give Up Once And For All

Everyone today seems to be very concerned with their health. People are watching what they eat and getting plenty of exercise each and every day. Cigarettes have been known to cause a wide variety of health issues that you could run into. If you have been a chronic smoker for years it may be hard to quit cold turkey. Stop smoking patches have been around for years, but are they really effective? Take a look here and see how these patches can help you kick that bad habit right out the door!

People are always looking for convenient ways to kick this bad habit. This is one of the best aspects that come along with the patches. All you do is stick the patch on and go. At first you will get higher doses of nicotine and as time goes by you will get lesser amounts. When you use the last patch you will no longer feel the need to smoke another cigarette again!

Cost ought to be a huge issue when it comes to stopping your smoking habit. Loads of people feel that quitting smoking is an expensive ordeal. What they do not appreciate is the amount of money that they are already throwing away on their cigarette habit. The cost of quitting will actually save you hundreds of dollars every year!

A box of cigarettes today can easily cost about $ 10. If you are smoking a pack a day, you are spending anywhere from $ 70 to $ 100 a week. When you quit you will purchase a quit smoking patch kit for around $ 30. Once the kit has run out you should no longer have cravings.

If you are worried about the success rate of these patches, you need not to worry! Regardless of the brand of patches that you buy, you will be bale to quit. You simply need to have the right mind set and enough self control. If you are having a little bit of trouble call up some close friends to hang out or just get out of the house altogether. As times wears on you will start to feel like you are in control and the addiction will wear off over time.

The best way to stop a cigarette addiction is with a stop smoking patch kit. You can easily buy these online or at your local drug store. Within a week of using the patches you will start to feel a lot better about your choice to quit.

Millions of people die from lung cancer because of cigarettes. If you do not want to become part of that statistic then you need to get some stop smoking patches. These patches will enable you to kick the habit and start living your life again.

April Kerr owns website Health Refresh which has details on natural methods to quit smoking and easy methods of giving up smoking.

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Mission Impossible To Help Someone Quit Smoking

Are you someone who wants to quit smoking? Are you sick and tired of being branded a "chain smoker" by your friends, family members and most importantly, your girlfriend or boyfriend? Well, this might be a good day to start if you want to help someone quit smoking. Statistics show a grim future for anyone who are into smoking; lung cancer, tumors, bad or damaged teeth and gums, erectile dysfunctions, pulmonary diseases and all other health problems are sure to plague those who are still into smoking for a very long time.

Most women who are still smoking cigarettes when pregnant are likely to give birth to kids with lung problems or even deformities and in many cases miscarriages later on. So if you're anxious with a good buddy of yours, who's right now having plenty of problems as a consequence of smoking, and then don't you believe it's about time that you simply find a solution? Will you wait until he/she is actually already inside the clinic, slowly and gradually passing away due to smoking?

We all know how cigarette smoking can damage one's health and personal life. Cigarette smoking is considered a vice, which is sadly becoming acceptable amongst other people. I often get angry whenever I see young people starting to smoke at a tender age of 14! And what's worse is that their parents do not do anything to make them stop smoking, since they are smokers themselves! It is already too late if you try to help someone quit smoking when they are already during their middle years; quitting smoking is always too hard to do when they have already done this in most of their lifetime! Smoking is the moral decay of the society, since it is always associated with alcohol and drugs!

Asides looking at the sociable difficulties, using tobacco can be also a illness associated with wealth. I have observed numerous used folks which waste materials a great deal of funds together with their particular smoking cigarettes behavior; several are generally not necessarily comfortable with a two pack a day practice! Such is most uncomfortable, because the more that they smoke, subsequently the more cash is lost. Cash of which is usually supposed to be able to be expended in supporting their own kids along with their schooling or pertaining to having to pay the particular costs is utilized upwards on cigarette smoking as an alternative! This kind of should end up being the significant concern, specifically in order to individuals that tend to be unemployed and also yet, they will even now continue in order to smoke! Help someone quit smoking nowadays and save their lives, not only with their wellness, but also with their finances!

Never be frightened to step-up to the problem; it never ever hurts to be worried with the persons that you love. Demonstrate your issue to them by helping them stop smoking cigarettes. Remember that you can never turn a blind eye away from this problem, because smoking has claimed a lot of victims over the past decades and it will continue to do so unless we start taking action today! Don't be discouraged by people who stop you from your mission to help someone quit smoking! Do it today and save lives!

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A Brief Help guide to Stop Smoking

If you're a long-time smoker and even stop smoking, these guidelines could be of use in quitting the habit of smoking. Smoking has long-term side effects, as reported in news clips and reports. The habit of smoking however can be a personal decision, plus it all depends on what determined you were, and what amount of abstinence can be practiced so that you can stop smoking.

People take to smoking for various reasons. It could be the sheer charm of smoking, joining a group, beating stress, soothing and calming nerves, and so on. The reasons for quitting are commonly health related.

There does not seem to be a trick in quitting a habit. It is easy to fall back and start all over again. Perhaps a slow and steady approach can do the trick when more severe methods have failed.

Here are a couple words to help and reaffirm your dedication to give up smoking if you need to do so:

1. In the event you keep failing, have trust in yourself. It is possible, if others have inked it before.

2. You will need to remind yourself with the reasons you would like to quit smoking. Write them down and study them regularly.

3. Seek the aid of others around, those you trust, in speaking with you about quitting. When others persuade us, it might work better for many.

4. There are medical substitutes available that help people climb down on the amounts.

5. Setting a deadline by the end of which one must quit can help in some cases.

6. Discover which plan utilizes you - a sudden stop, a gradual taking out, or some combination.

7. Knowing and talking to people who have quit smoking can boost your morale.

8. Smoking might be associated with illness and regimen. Improve your regimen and find out if it can replacement for the need to smoke.

9. Visualize the lifestyle of a non-smoker, and find out why it is positive and good. This will increase the attraction toward the goal.

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The Simplest Way To Stop Smoking Pot – The 3 Most Important Guidelines To Finally Help You Give Up Smoking Pot!

So you have finally decided to stop smoking pot. First I applaud you for your call. I know from extensive experience, how much pot can take over your life. I also know exactly how tough it is to stop smoking pot once and for all. Thus in this article I would like to provide some tips on how to quit smoking cannabis.

1) Rather than attempting to stop smoking pot cold turkey, you want to prepare a plan. Most weed smokers have a set routine when they try and give up. You may kid yourself that as fast as your present baggy is finished, that is it, and you’re going to give up smoking cannabis for good. So you smoke that baggy twice as quickly as you usually would and when it’s finished, you find yourself buying more! It’s a vicious spiral which will control you if you permit it to.

Set a date about one month in the future as your “giving up” date. Up to this date steadily cut back on the amount of cannabis you are smoking. If you are a heavy smoker, try and cut back to one or two joints a day. After 10 days, cut this down again. One a day or one joint every alternate day for the subsequent 10 days; For the final 10 days, try and only smoke 2 or 3 joints in total until you reach your giving up day!

2) On the day that you finally come to a decision to stop smoking pot, you will need to chuck out and lose each single piece of drug stuff that you own. Papers, lighters, roach material, bongs, bags, grinder, etc . I made the mistake of at first keeping all of these things locked away in a drawer. This just makes it way simpler to get sucked back in.

If the enticement to smoke cannabis is there, you are unfortunately more likely to take it. Regardless of what any person tells you, pot is addictive. Nevertheless it is far more a mental addiction a physical one. If you leave enticement in your way, your intellect is probably going to take over and you may probably be smoking pot or weed by the end of the day.

3) The hardest and yet most crucial aspect of the correct way to stop smoking pot is losing your friends. Cannabis is both a social and yet very unsociable drug. Usually long time pot smokers become distant from family and friends who don’t partake in their habit. However, other pot smokers soon become your nearest allies.

For more information on Quit Smoking Naturally visit How do i quit smoking pot and get your health back. You can kick the habit for good!

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Quit Smoking with the Help of Hypnosis – Now and Forever

Ending smoking is a necessity for some of you. Others of you may have a strong desire to quit tobacco now. You know how hard it is to quit without a powerful aid. So here’s a question: should you go with a drug, gum or the patch, or with hypnosis?

Gums and Patches
Don’t Change the Underlying Smoking Habit

Nicotine gums or patches do help some people ease their symptoms as they try to quit smoking, but it doesn’t change the underlying drive or habit. And studies have shown that about 95% of success at stopping the behavior of using tobacco is about the habit while curbing physiological absorption of nicotine can be attributed to the other 5%. Using drugs to stop smoking may help some people, but for many there are uncomfortable side effects leaving their neurotransmitters feeling scrambled and overcooked.

To kick the habit of smoking right now and make it last forever, you need to completely lose the desire to smoke. Nicotine replacement or drugs can’t do that for you. Using hypnotherapy or targeted self hypnosis to stop smoking can help you to never desire a single cigarette again.

Three Scientific Studies Show
How Effective Hypnosis Is When You Stop Smoking

Here are three scientific studies which showed just how powerful the hypnosis technique can be compared to anti-nicotine drugs, patches and gums:

1. Largest study ever says hypnosis is three times more effective: This study was reported in the Journal of Applied Psychology at the University of Iowa, October 1992. “How One in Five Give Up Smoking: Hypnosis Most Effective Says Largest Study Ever: 3 times effectiveness of patch and 15 times willpower. Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. A meta-analysis, statistically combining results of more than 600 studies of 72,000 people from America and Europe to compare various methods of quitting.” What it showed: hypnosis was found to be more than 15 times more effective than trying to quit alone and three times as effective as nicotine replacement methods. Pretty strong, right?

2. “Hypnosis Patients Twice As Likely To Quit. Study of 71 smokers showed that after a two-year follow up, patients that quit with hypnosis were twice as likely to still be smoke-free than those who quit on their own.” This study was reported in a paper called Guided health imagery for smoking cessation and long-term abstinence, Wynd CA. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 2005; 37:3, pages 245-250. It’s simple and powerful conclusion: willpower just wasn’t enough to quit or maintain freedom from smoking.

3. “90.6% Success Rate Using Smoking Hypnosis Of 43 consecutive patients undergoing this treatment protocol, 39 reported remaining abstinent at follow-up (6 months to 3 years post-treatment).” Source: University of Washington School of Medicine, Depts. of Anesthesiology and Rehabilitation Medicine, Int J Clin Exp Hypn. 2001 Jul;49 (3):257-66. Barber J.

What You Can Do Now to
Quit Smoking Forever

Here’s all you need: the willingness to direct yourself to just let go of tocacco. (Resist any pressure from your loved ones who might nag or berate you to stop smoking). Then the process will be easy.

To quit tobacco, just do one of these three things:

* Use a good local or distance hypnotherapist — This would be a superb, personalized way to go. And your hypnotherapist would hold you accountable. And she or he would not judge you — only encourage you. Before your session, recall your smoking “triggers” so you can discuss them with your hypnotherapist. Here are some typical triggers: arising from sleep, having your daily cup of coffee, work break time, driving in your car, after making love. Your list could be different, shorter or longer. But the point is you’ve got to know what they are and then you’ll need to discuss them with your hypnotherapist.

* Read a good self hypnosis book — My book, Instant-Self-Hypnosis, How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open — besides having an effective stop smoking script — teaches you how to create your own scripts (using the imagery and symbols that speak to you with the most success). Then, for each goal, you’d simply follow the method I outline in the book daily for 21 to 30 days.

* Purchase a good hypnosis stop smoking mp3 or script.

Forbes Robbins Blair is the author of two self-hypnosis books: the popular Instant Self-Hypnosis and The Self-Hypnosis Revolution. His website,, offers hypnosis articles, news, audios, hypnosis-by-phone and privagte in-office client hypnotherapy. Two of his hypnosis audios are: “Eating Healthy” & “Lose 3 Pounds Every Seven Days”.

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