Quitting Smoking – Immediate Rewards of Quitting the Habit of Smoking

When a smoker is determined to improve his present health status, the only solution is by quitting his smoking habits. Unlike dieting or exercise to reduce fat, a smoker need not wait for a few days or weeks just to rip his rewards of kicking the tobacco habit. Right away, positive changes can take place that help improve his daily life. These are some of the said rewards a smoker could enjoy if he decides to stop:

- Breath smells a lot better
- Your clothes and hair won't smell like tobacco
- Eating is more enjoyable as food tastes better
- No more stained teeth or yellowish fingernails
- Breathing is a lot easier and sense of smell is improved

When you stop smoking, you would gain more social acceptance. As you might have observed, smoking is less socially acceptable as in every workplace or public place, there are guidelines for smoking to follow. There are circumstances that even when hiring employees, a company may choose to employ non-smokers. This is because smoking employees tend to get sick easily and this would mean bigger cost in health insurance for both the employee and the employer. Even some of your friends would ask you to smoke outside their homes and cars. At times when you are really in a tight situation, finding a place to smoke is really a hassle!

Think of the cost that your smoking habit entails everyday! During these hard times, it's not practical to be spending too much on something that helps deteriorate your life! Just think of how many cigarettes you consume in a day. Of course you know how much a pack costs and so by simple mathematics, you would be able to realize how much money you're throwing away in a day and in a month and in years! If you'd only stop smoking, you can save a lot to use during times that you need resources the most.

When you smoke, you not only put your own life at risk but as well as the lives of those who live with you: your family. It is very critical especially when somebody is pregnant in your household as secondary smoke can still do damage just as direct smoke does. Most babies when exposed to smoking at pregnancy are usually born lacking in weight and may have physical abnormalities! What if that child is your own?

Set an example now by quitting smoking. The fact that it does not do anything good for the long-term should be reason enough for you to stop. For the sake of extending your life and those of your loved ones, get rid of smoking now!

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Help To Stay Sober By Quitting Smoking

Studies have shown that people who are addicted to alcohol are also highly likely to smoke cigarettes. A report in the June 2008 issue of the Harvard Mental Health Letter showed that experts tended to believe that it's imperative to counsel alcohol-dependent individuals to quit smoking as well as drinking not only to improve their health, but also to increase their chances of staying sober.

It is a widespread fear that attempting to quit smoking and drinking simultaneously will undermine treatment for alcohol dependence.

Nevertheless, most studies have found that efforts to stop smoking either have zero impact on sustaining sobriety or in reality increase the chances for success of alcohol treatment.

There are no smoking cessation guidelines specifically for alcohol-dependent adults. For now, the best option is to follow the federal guidelines for treating tobacco dependence, which recommend a combination of counseling and medication.

A major and still unresolved question is whether it's better to give up smoking and drinking together, or whether it's better to tackle one addiction at a time.

One study found that when smoking cessation support was postponed by six months, participants were increasingly likely to stay sober compared with those who received simultaneous treatment for both addictions. However, a follow-up examination found that this may have been accurate only for white people in the study.

Editor in chief of the Harvard Mental Health Letter, Dr. Michael Miller, remarks that no particular approach is best for every person struggling with both alcohol and nicotine addiction. It's a net health gain whether an individual quits smoking during alcohol treatment or later.

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Reasons to Stop and Benefits From Quitting Smoking

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug that makes the whole process of giving up smoking difficult, but not impossible.

Each and every year millions of people start smoking, but millions also stop and it's in your best interest and the interest of those close to you to stop smoking sooner rather than later.

Once you do stop smoking the benefits of giving up cigarettes become apparent almost immediately. Within a few days you're breath will smell better, you're finger will be unstained, you're sense of smell and taste will improve and you're smokers cough will go away. More importantly you will begin the process of recovery and cut the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and respiratory disease.

Cigarettes also cost you a lot and not just in terms of health but also life-style. Once you stop smoking you will see your bank balance increase and have much more money to treat yourself and your family to small luxuries or additional holidays abroad.

Stopping smoking will also make you a good role model to your children if you have any. A teenager is twice as likely to begin smoking if they have parents who smoke and as a parent the last thing you should won't is for your children to begin smoking.

Giving up cigarettes is however never easy and most smokers will need to make an attempt many times and even try a variety of different quit smoking aids before they give up smoking once and for all.

If it is your first attempt to stop smoking then you will first need to decide on the stop smoking approach you will take as different methods will suite different smokers with one product working for one smoker but not for another. Some smokers will quit smoking cold turkey, others will try to cut down on the number of cigarettes they smoke each day and yet others prefer to use nicotine replacement therapy, acupuncture or hypnotherapy.

After you have chosen a stop smoking method and are ready to stop smoking it is important to get all the support you can. Tell your friends and family you are about to stop smoking and consider choosing a friend or member of you're family to be your personal support person. Their role is to check up on you during the day and help keep you motivated or just be someone you can call and talk to when you have the urge to smoke a cigarette.

Additionally consider joining a support group or seeing a psychologist for one-on-one sessions. It will cost you money but if it stops you smoking and then keeps you a non-smoker then it will be money well spent.

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Know The Truth About The Barack Obama Quitting Smoking Issue

From the point of the presidential campaign, there has been the buzz about Barack Obama quitting smoking. He has been said to have promised to cease with this habit to his wife Michelle Obama as he pursues the highest seat in the country. After winning the presidential seat, he is still controversially asked about kicking the habit.

After he has had his first medical examination at the Navy hospital by the outskirts of Washington, his doctors have given him a bill of good health. He is said to be in great shape and is practically in the peak of health. On the other hand, these same doctors have persuaded the president to try and stop smoking regardless of the fact. Smoking is highly addictive and can impose a number of serious health threats to an individual. The simple explanation for the attempt to convince the president is that these physicians are only looking after his best interest just as any doctor would recommend to other patients. After all, the last thing that the head of the country needs is to fall ill during his term.

It is a fact that many reporters have released reports about Barack Obama quitting smoking. He has been said to constantly try to avoid the issue when he is asked during press conferences and other opportunities where the media is present. To this day, he admits that he is not yet successful in his goal. He is trying several methods that may help him in his quest to finally stop his use of tobacco products. One of which is the prescription of nicotine replacement. This will help give him better control over the pangs and yearnings for a smoke any time of the day. While this prescription is not meant to work alone, the president is also trying his best to be diligent about it.

On a lighter note, the president's health is quite remarkable. He is not scheduled to have another medical visit to the doctor until 2012. Some guidelines were given to him such as the usual screenings and laboratory examinations to ensure his well-being. These would also include some minor dietary changes to help enforce better health.

One of the admirable traits about the president is that he constantly plays basketball in the White House. As he engages himself to a healthy exercise and a good way to release his stress, it would not be long before he can finally put an end to the Barack Obama quitting smoking issue. Know that he is trying his best to achieve this goal. Recently a small online organization has been formed to aim to quit smoking. In a nutshell, it promotes quitting along with the president. This is open to people from all over the country who would like to save what is left of their lungs and to give themselves a better chance at living life to the fullest. This online campaign is a simple way to turn what seems to be a highly controversial issue in to something that is productive and inspiring.

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Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

The advantages of smoking are many in number and great in importance. You may already know a few of them, but it definitely helps to list them again, so that you have a reminder of why you're beginning this journey to stop smoking. It will not always be easy, but the advantages of quitting smoking are so huge that all this struggle will be completely worth it once you finally do quit.

The US Surgeon General, who is chosen by the president to set health guidelines for all Americans, and is usually most famous doctor in the country, once remarked that quitting smoking is the most important thing that anyone can do to improve the quality of their life, and also how long they can expect to live. Look at that: more than eating well, or exercising, or not drinking too much, an important thing we can do for our health is to give up smoking. That's quite a benefit.

Actually, the advantages of quitting can be felt literally immediately. According to the American Cancer Society, within twenty minutes of quitting smoking, both your heart rate and your bp drop. Between 2 weeks and 3 months after quitting, you will find you've better circulation and much improvedlung function. Between 1 and 9 months after quitting, you'll be coughing much less than when you were smoking. And lastly, one year after quitting, your risk of heart disease will be cut in half.

Those are some pretty good benefits, aren't they?

Well, they don't end there. How would you like to immediately have better breath, whiter teeth, and also clothes, furniture, and a house which have much less odor? Will you get this by using gallons of Febreeze? Perhaps, but quitting smoking will immediately achieve all of this for you. It isn't easy to argue with those facts.

Finally, the numbers should convince you of the huge benefit to quitting smoking. How much do you spend on cigarettes in a week? If you're smoking a pack a day, just multiply that cost by 7. Now multiply that by 52. That's how much you're spending in a year. How does that compare to your annual salary? What else do you want to purchase that you could spend that money on? The results may be shocking.

One thing is for sure, however. The advantages of quitting smoking are many and powerful. Focus on these when you're struggling with quitting.

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Is Willpower The Only Real Key To Quitting Smoking

Determination, resolution, commitment, control. What is the one thing all of these things have in common? Will power. None of them are possible to have without the sheer willpower to carry them out. Resolutions that so many people make at the beginning of each new year so often end up as empty, meaningless statements because people simply do not have the willpower to carry them out. Any commitment you might will not be met without the willpower to see it through. Determination is only a thought and unless willpower propels it into action. Control is non existent unless willpower guides it.

What does willpower have to do in relation to quitting smoking cigarettes? Absolutely everything. If you want to stop smoking, you and you alone must look inside yourself and find the willpower it takes to see it through. No matter what other products you use that are supposed to help you stop, you hold the one key that will make them work. You might think that nicotine patches will simply make you stop, but that is only if you can continue to be strong enough to use them. If you buy them and put on the first one, your emotional, not physical desire to smoke can make you give in and take it off so you can smoke again. It takes willpower to not give in to that craving even if it is not physical.

People think that the stop smoking aids are a short cut to quitting and they can help many people boost their ability to stop, but in the end if you do not have the willpower it takes to stick with the program, you will fail. Those people who are able to stop smoking cold turkey have to use every ounce of willpower they have in order to do it this way. They put complete confidence in themselves to complete the task. It does not always work by any means, but they think they can do it without using crutches like patches or gum.

To stop smoking cigarettes is one of the biggest personal battles can face. It is a time when you find out how much commitment, determination, resolution, and control you really have. On the other hand you might have plenty of these attributes when it comes to any other area of your life, but trying to quit smoking can test you to your limits. So, before you even attempt to quit, you have to sit down with yourself and gather up all the willpower you have because you are definitely going to need it.

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How to Use Quitting Smoking Hypnosis to Make Quitting Easy

Using quitting smoking hypnosis can be a good way to ease the challenge of quitting smoking. Even though some people are concerned about using hypnosis , it is a useful method.

There are several ways you can use hypnosis. You could decide to work with the help of someone trained in hypnotic therapy or you can learn self hypnosis. If you choose to work with a therapist, you can do so either with private sessions or in group sessions. As you might expect, group sessions cost less but are also less individualized.

Although group sessions do work, the success rate is higher with individual sessions. Everyone responds differently to a given hypnotic suggestion and a skilled therapist can adjust their suggestions mid-treatment by noting your response. Also, the therapist can design suggestions specifically for you and your smoking situation .

Any smoker can apply self hypnosis. There are several written guides available, but I think the easiest and most effective way to use self-hypnosis for quitting smoking is to use a recording, either on a CD or an MP3.

Using self hypnosis this way, a therapist has recorded an hypnotic session which guide you into a trance and then makes suggestions to help you quit smoking. You can use the recording anytime it’s convenient for you. It’s generally recommended that you listen at least once or twice a day.

With this approach, you’ll be working with fairly general suggestions, rather than suggestions specific to you. Even so, the suggestions are likely to work quite well.

Quitting smoking hypnosis really can make stopping easier, but hypnosis alone usually isn’t the answer. Rather, it works best in supporting a complete stop smoking plan.

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