Yes, You Do Not Have to Put on Weight When You Quit Smoking

Are you one of those smokers who plan to quit but you are worried about how to quit smoking without gaining weight? You are not alone. Many smokers have heard stories about how ex-smokers put on weight after they quit smoking and do fear about the weight gain when they stop smoking.

But do all smokers who quit gain weight? And if they do, why does that happen? It actually started when you choose to smoke. When you smoke, you tend to lose your taste for food. As a result, you do not find food that appetizing and as such, you lose weight.

Cigarettes become best substitute for foods. Your food appetite is altered. Once you quit smoking, your taste buds are revived and foods suddenly becomes more appetizing and as such you may tend to eat more. Without proper exercises, it is no wonder that you begin to gain weight.

While, to some people, there is no easy way to break the smoking habit without gaining weight, it is not true for all. With a bit of self control and adjustment to your diet, you can quit smoking without gaining weight.

Smokers must have good reasons to drive themselves to quit smoking. Above anybody else, they must be convinced of what they are doing. They must be disciplined to follow brief guidelines to quit smoking without gaining weight.

Consult a doctor on quit smoking drugs and pieces of advice for other means to quit smoking. For instance, it would be a recreational activity to jog or walk for at least 10 to 20 minutes during mornings and nights. It would also be wise to gradually stop oneself from smoking.

In fact, it would be a good start to divide the number of cigarettes smoked into half. These cigarettes are distributed into plastic bags marked with days. In this manner, the smoker lessens and thereby controls the cigarette sticks smoked for a week span.

After succeeding in the first week, keep in mind to reduce the number of cigarettes placed inside the plastic bags until these were reduced to three. Keep doing the short walks during mornings and nights while smoking until there were only two cigarette sticks left. Then, keep the ritual of walking this time, without smoking, hence not carrying any plastic bags of cigarettes.

Once the cigarette sticks have been outnumbered, the former habit is replaced with a healthier and recreational walking activity. When one finds himself or herself craving, he or she needs not to worry. The solution is to resort to walking. Besides the detoxifying action that it gives, it helps maintain the body in shape. Thus, after a meal, one does not feel gaining weight as eating square meals is supported by the exercise of walking.

There are also other means besides walking. These include recreational activities that can alter the mind and shift the attention from smoking. Gardening, sewing and knitting are just a few of these.

As you can see, anyone can quit smoking without gaining weight. Learn how you can quit smoking with ease at my Quit Smoking Tips blog. Do also download your FREE Quit Smoking Report and learn the truth behind smoking.

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